Mixtape podcast: “Our love is better than your love” – Anthony Oliveira

Transcribing a brief portion of this podcast (https://www.megaphonic.fm/mixtape/15). The context is, they are talking about Magneto and his politics and portrayal in the X-Men comics and movies. When someone comes out, Oliveira likes to tell them this Magneto quote: “You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different.”

Anthony Oliveira: The scripts will always betray him. They’ll always make him look like a bad guy. But you know what? He makes some good points! And that’s one of them. Which is that I am sick of narratives– I’m sick of walking, even today, down Church Street and seeing “love is love”, because Fuck You, my love is better than your love. You know WHY? My love Cost More. My love almost burned my life to the ground. What did your love ever Cost you? That makes me upset. And That to me is important, that when a queer kid comes out, they should know that they did something most people don’t, and a lot of people don’t survive. And that matters to me, like that Magneto quote is the flip side. I talk a lot about us being pissed off cockroach mother fuckers (https://twitter.com/meakoopa/status/742238554093281280) and it’s true, like, the world has been set against queer people our whole lives, and some of them didn’t make it. And the ones who made it are the Tough Ones, and you’re gonna have to deal with that.”


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