WisCon’s access expenditures

WisCon is a non-profit venture and our funds come from memberships.  So I think it’s appropriate to publish where the money goes, at least for my part.

I also see people decrying that access is too expensive for their event.  It may be cheaper than you think, at least in some areas.

The following are my best estimates although I’m not a finance person.

Print job for interaction badges:  83.08.  We cut them up ourselves and the graphic design was donated.
(I got 500 of each color and yet somehow we ran out of yellow and had to print more of those at registration).
500 paperclips for the badges 6.32
Food for disability lounge: 50.63
Blue tape: Zero dollars since we used leftovers from last year
Total supplies = 140.03

Captioning:  $1000 came from a service fund from the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from the State of Wisconsin, for which I am very grateful.  We spent an additional $2000 paying our excellent captionist and her assistant for the weekend.

SF3 (our governing body) also purchased a ramp as a long-term investment for our convention.  I do not know how much this cost and am not including it here; it shoud be a once-in-a-long-time expenditure and not part of a yearly budget.

Some expenditures such as signs and consuite contribute to access, while serving other functions, but they are not a part of our department. Access can be everywhere!  I shall attempt to keep focused.

If our budget is roughly $45,000 (~900 people times a 50 dollar membership –this is just a guess), then the total access expenditures listed above amount to about 4.8% of the total budget.

2,140 / 45,000  x 100 = 4.8

Put another way, this is about $2.40 out of your 50 dollar membership fee.

.048 x 50 = 2.4

Please correct me if I am wrong!  I will edit and fix!





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