Thoughts about that Growth-Attenuation Therapy article

Jiggery-Pokery's Soup of the Day

Big discussions going on with my friends on Twitter and Facebook about this article:

Should Parents of Children with Severe Disabilities Be Allowed to Stop Their Growth?

I’m just gonna go ahead and drop myself in the NO column right now. No, you shouldn’t screw with your child’s body for what is essentially the sake of your convenience.* That is putting the child into the bin labeled BURDEN. DIFFICULTY. PROBLEM. The kid is different and has different needs, yes. The kid is not a doll. The kid is not A Thing that you can or should adjust as you please, because it’s easier for you. I don’t care if you’re the primary caregiver and you’re worried about the future. What we need to do is change and expand the system of support for kids like this, not smash the kid up so they’ll better fit into the current underfunded and underchampioned system —…

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