Interaction Badges at WisCon 39: Part 1

At WisCon this year, we introduced social interaction badges for optional use.  We used red, yellow, green, and white cards, which you can see the design of at my Flickr.  Thank you to Jeremy Parker for these designs.  We used symbols and words along with the colors to make them clear and accessible as possible, and to accommodate color-blind folks.

Flickr photos

I got the idea for these after attending SDS, the Society for Disability Studies, conference in June 2014.  I also saw two Tumblr posts about them:

I also chatted online with Sam, an autistic activist who is familiar with the cards, and introduced the idea to WisCon’s planning committee, called the ConCom.

We hung up posters explaining what the cards meant, and explained them at opening ceremonies.  I used the text almost verbatim from the above Tumblr posts.


RED (stop sign symbol) means: STOP don’t talk to me!  I don’t want to talk to anyone right now, or if I do, I will approach you.  If I initiate conversation, it’s ok to talk back.

YELLOW (triangle symbol) means: I only want to talk to people I know, not to strangers and not to people I only know from the internet.  If I initiate conversation, it’s ok to talk back, but please don’t approach me unless you know me.

GREEN (circle symbol): I would like to be approached by people interested in talking.  I may have trouble initiating conversation.

WHITE (square symbol): I can manage my own social interactions.

 So how did it go?  I will explain that in part two!
Part Two!


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